Dressage Training & Sporthorse Breeding
Welcome to Pratts Farm

Pratts Farm is a family owned and operated small Dressage training and warmblood sport horse breeding farm, owned and operated by
Tammy (Pratt) Paparella. Pratts Farm is located in beautiful Sterling Massachusetts, past home of Mary Sawyer and where the Nursery Rhyme "Mary's Little Lamb" originated from.
Pratt's farm is built on land that used to be owned by the Pratt family.
In earlier years the Pratt family owned a railroad junction down the road and so the road was named Pratts Junction Road (Picture). The Pratt family used to own all the land North from the railroad junction for miles. (Picture) Many years later, my grandfather (Golas) bought some of the land (no longer owned by the Pratt family) and my mother happened to marry into the Pratt family. I grew up on my grandfather's farm where we were lucky enough to have horses and other animals my whole childhood and beyond.
In 1999, I purchased a few acres from my grandfather (Golas) and I am now the proud owner of land that used to belong to my ancestors on both sides of my family. It is the only piece of the original Pratt owned land that still belongs to a Pratt ancestor.
I am lucky to have my family surrounding me and supporting my dream. Please look around and enjoy your visit.

June 2010 - Another schooling show and we just keep getting better! Pri wins high score champion of the day with a 68.947% in 1st-4. She also got Reserve Champion in First level. Deliteful FHF won both of her Training Level classes with a 66% and a 68.8% and won Training level champion!
May 2010 - Pri does super at her first dressage show! Her tests were combined into one class and she tied for first with her First Level-Test 4 and came in second with her First Level-Test 3. Deliteful FHF (one of my training horses) came in 1st and 4th in her tests.
April 2010 - Pri is doing fabulous! We were able to spend 6 weeks at an indoor from mid-February to April 1st which really helped get us in shape for show season. We are planning our first show for May 9th. NEDA's Spring Schooling show in Tewksbury MA.
February 5, 2010 - Liz and Fizzy did very well. Tied for 9th out of 16 in the Grand Prix and came in 3rd out of 7 in the Grand Prix Special. Here are links to the videos. Grand Prix / Grand Prix Special
February 2010 - I am very excited to announce that Pri's sire Olivier and his rider Liz Austin have been selected to ride in the World Dressage Masters Competition being held Feb 4-6, 2010 in Wellington FL. They are one of only seven US horse/rider combinations to be selected. They will be riding among some of the best in the world!! I am so proud!
January 2010 - I can't believe the new year is here already! Pri is doing fabulous with her training! I sam looking forward to moving her to a barn with an indoor in mid-february for 6 weeks, perfect timing for getting in shape for some showing this year...hopefully! All the young ones are growing like weeds and looking great. It's almost time to start Levity under saddle! Wow! Time has flown since the day she was born! Levity, Delaney and Lachlan are all still for sale. I am offering a super deal on Levity, see the sales page for more information on all of them! Happy New Year!
October 2009 - Levity and Delaney just attended the 2009 BIG E in Springfield MA. They were superstars for 2 days! They handled the crowds, music, lights, people, trucks, vendors etc. like it was a daily routine! They were peered at and patted by hundreds of people each day, non-stop people traffic from 9am to 10pm each day. You can't beat the temperaments on these youngsters!!!!! For sales prices and information on these two wonderful fillies, visit the sales page
August 18, 2009 - Congratulations to Audra of Lunenburg on her purchase of Larceny PF!
August 9 , 2009 - Larceny and Lachlan both earn Premium Silver Medals at the RPSI Inspection on August 8, 2009. Both are now registered and branded with RPSI (German Rheinland Pfalz Saar International). Both colts are for sale for a very limited time at $5500. Their prices will go up very soon so catch them at this deal while you can!
June 14 , 2009 - Larceny PF wins Grand Champion RPSI at his first show!  He also placed 3rd out of 9 with a 73.5%.  He was a super boy both days, we are very proud of him!
June 6 , 2009 - We are bringing Godiva and Larceny to the Ten Broeck Farm breed show next weekend.  Larceny is quite the little hunk now at 6 weeks old.
May 26 , 2009 - IANTHE delivered us a super sweet chestnut colt by Landsong.  We named him Lachlan PF.  This colt is just adorable and can he move too!  He was already trotting at 1 day old.  Pics are on the foals page.
April 26 , 2009 - Godiva gave us a very handsome bay colt by Landsong.  We named him Larceny PF.  Pics are on the foals page.
April 14 , 2009 - Fiona delivered us a gorgeous black & white filly by Minty (spotted draft).  We named her Mosaic PF.  Pics are on the foals page.
January 10, 2009 - We have been off line for a while so I have a lot of updating to do! The computer that we were running the web server on died on us and we had to get a new one. So, finally we are back up and running! Check back soon for updates and new pics of the foals and sales horses....boy have they changed a lot! I have also updated our expected foals for 2009!
Pri's training has been going super well. I also have another 3 yr old filly in for training. She is Dell's half sister, by Donarweiss. Deliteful is at the same place as Pri in her training and has lovely gaits. Both fillies are very well balanced for their age. I am having a wonderful time riding both of them! I have plans to show them this year, we'll see how it goes. I don't want to push them too fast but they are both doing so well I can't help but show them off.
July 14, 2008 - We are now officially! All the foals are doing great. Pri is coming along very nicely, she is now doing walk, trot and canter and riding out on small trail rides. She is not as brave as I expected her to be but she learns very quickly and recognizes when she has already been a certain place and it's not so scary after that. Pri is also scheduled to go for her 3 yr old mare approval with RPSI on August 16th. We are also bringing all three mares with foals and Levity to the RPSI inspection.....crazy day!!! I have 2 stalls reserved for the Equine Affaire in November, I will bring Levity and Scinder and Dell. Check back soon for updated pics of the foals.....they are growing like weeds, especially Scinder!
May 23, 2008 - OK....So I am counting today as the first official real ride on Pri. I haven't had a chance to work with her at all with the new babies arriving. I finally got some time today and had a great time. We actually moved and even trotted on the lunge line and then also off the lunge and went for a ride around the farm too. She was SUPER!!!!! Of course there are more pictures on her web page. She is such a beautiful gold color right now....I really hope she stays this color all year. AnaCapri
May 21, 2008 - New pictures of the foals are being posted!
May 10 , 2008 - Scinder PF - It's a Colt this time! Godiva had a fabulous big healthy colt at 1:15am. He is dark bay with a tiny star. His name is Scinder PF. This colt is for sale for $6000 for a limited time. The price will increase when he is weaned.Click here for pictures
May 9 , 2008 - Delaney PF - It's a Filly!!! Again!! IANTHE foaled at 3:30 this morning. She had a gorgeous filly. She is a lovely pewter color but will turn gray. She has a star, strip, snip and two hind socks. She is a big girl. Her name is Delaney PF. This filly is for sale for $6000 for a limited time. The price will increase when she is weaned. Click here for pictures.
May 2 , 2008 - Liberty - It's a Filly!!! Fiona foaled at 4:23 this morning. She had a beautiful chestnut filly with a lovely star, stripe and diamond on her nose. So cute!! Her name is Liberty. Click here for pictures.
April 18 , 2008 - Well, we now have better lighting up in the girls stalls so we can see with the cameras better. I will be leaving Fiona's light on all night now. Fiona will be at 330 days on April 20th....and wouldn't you know, it's a full moon on the 20th! Any bets on her foaling that night? That's my guess but we'll see....there aren't any significant signs that she will be going soon but you never know!
April 13 , 2008 - We have finished Ianthe's foaling stall and moved horses around so that she and Godiva are now in their new stalls just in time! Fiona has been in her stall for a while now. We are still adjusting lighting and cameras so that at least the three broodmares will have good cameras on them for foal watch. All three are progressing normally. Stay tuned for future updates.
March 26, 2008 - There is nothing better than the rewarding feeling of raising a horse from birth and having it turn out to be a dream to work with. That is my Pri! I saddled her for the second time ever today and mounted her from the ground and she just stood stock still and couldn't care less that I was finally sitting on her back for real! I love this horse and can't wait for our riding relationship to start. Right now I am still taking baby steps with her as she is not yet 3 (will be on June 26) and she is still petite (15.2 hands). I want her to grow as much as possible before I really start riding her, but just sitting on her has been super! Here is the link to Pri's page if you want to see pictures from today. AnaCapri
March 11, 2008 - I sat on Pri today for the first time....bareback! Yay! She was super! Not a spook or buck or anything. I have had a curcingle on her only twice but she was great about that too.....not bothered by the girth at all. I can't wait to really start riding her! It was kind of spur of the moment so we didn't have the camera with us but I will take pictures of me sitting on her soon. The weather is finally breaking and I am getting Spring fever, can't wait to be riding again.
March, 2008 - We are excited about the new foals that will be arriving soon! We are moving cameras around so bare with us as we try to keep up with updating the names on them. Stay tuned for updates and start watching the cameras at the end of April. Fiona is the first one due. Her due date is May 1st. Godiva and Ianthe are both due May 14th. However, Godiva went 10 days early last year so we will be keeping an eye on her to go early again this year. Fiona is in the stall that she will be foaling in but Godiva and Ianthe will be moved around as soon as the weather gets better and we can build a new foaling stall.